Friday, November 6, 2015

To Our Songs

I used to be a girl who loved music, now I don't listen anything at all. 
Used to love singing along to songs you always sent me, 
now when I have my own 'our songs', I still haven't forgotten
what used to be ours. 
All those lyrics that you used to write to me,
all those tunes that we would listen when together,
they're all hazy and feel like a dream. 
A beautiful dream that I wish hadn't happened. 
It left my heart in pieces back then, 
It still breaks my heart right now.
I've grown stronger though.
I can dodge all your thoughts behind.
I can push all the memories aside.
I can walk past all those songs.
And just like that, you're forgotten.
for the time being and forever.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

#MomTales : Charlie Banana Hybrid Cloth Diapers Review

It's been just three months that I've been a mom but my life is already overtaken by the D word. That's right, Diapers. Changing them, washing them, changing them and then washing them once again. Despite the overdose, I love it. Let me tell you why. 

For the first month of motherhood, my newborn was constantly in and out of  nappies and since it was a harsh winter back then, the number was significantly high! I was in recovery mode from the surgery but got no rest, tending a colicky and leaky baby. I hated it and I just didn't want to expose my doll's delicate tushie to the evil chemicals that sposies contained. Also, in the initial weeks, using a disposable only caused her rashes no matter how careful I was about changing her on time. So, I looked around the internet for a solution and I was gifted with the answer of Modern Cloth Diapers. I really didn't know there could be a thing beyond cloth nappies, that could keep my little one dry for hours at once and could be reused a number of times! So in my hunt for 'Good' cloth diapers, I landed up on Charlie Banana webpage who were generous enough to send me a pack of three one size diapers (wohooo!) to try on my baby and review them up here. I couldn't be much happier in doing so. 

Let me tell you this if you haven't already perceived it yet, cloth diapers are a one time investment. You buy a few dozen to build your stash and then you're good to go until your baby is toilet trained. So when buying cloth diapers, you must keep in mind that though they're expensive to begin with, these are going to save you a lot of money in the coming years. One of the reasons why I decided to take it up was the math behind how cloth diapers helps the ecosystem by reducing carbon footprint and are pocket friendly in the longer run. Your one stash for the first baby can be used from birth up to the age of 2 and can be saved & reused if you plan a second one. 

I received a pack of Peony Blossom which contained 3 One Size, 2 in 1 hybrid Cloth Diapers along with 3 additional microfiber inserts. Each diaper has a large size MF insert and can be stuffed with the additional small insert. It is recommended to add both inserts if the baby is above 3 months of age. The inner layer of diapers if made of fleece and the other layer is PU. In times if need you can also use a disposable insert in the diapers, hence Two in One. 

To begin with, Charlie Banana diapers have the SOFTEST inner layer of all the diapers in my stash! Its so soft that I actually rubbed it on my cheeks to feel it (when it was new and unused, of course!). Fastened by snaps, these can be easily adjusted according to the baby's age and weight. That's what i'm tryin to show in the pictures below how snugly it fit my 3 month old daughter and her 7 month old cousin. Sure double inserts looked little bulky on my DD but they don't look that big on the cousin, if you notice. The best part is the bra strap adjustment system for leg elastic that are perfect for kids any age or size. That's one thing I like the most since my DD is on the slimmer side with skinny thighs. A better fit on the legs ensures there are no leaks or blowouts. A flap in the front makes it so much easier to remove the inserts since the baby girl wets the back of the diaper mostly. Also, its great to keep disposable inserts in place. 

These hybrid or 2 in 1 diapers can also be used with disposable inserts when you're out and about with your little one and want to avoid the fuss of carrying a load of diapers. Its like the best of both diaper worlds. Charlie Banana also sells flushable liners and disposable inserts which i would love to purchase soon. 

Another reason why I adore Charlie Banana is that it not only makes luxury yet eco friendly products that are gentle to the environment but they also support Operation Smile and Project Child Save. How often do we see luxury brands that support humane causes! Project Child Save is a non profit organization that is dedicated to helping preventing child abductions and kidnapping through education and public awareness campaigns. Operation Smile is an international medical charity that provides free reconstructive surgeries to children suffering from cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities. 

That's my brief take on why I love Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers. If you want to ask more questions, drop me a message or comment and i'd love to discuss! Cloth diapers are all I talk about lately ;)

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

MomTales : The Arrival of Joy

Ola' fellas,

I don't like to talk too much about my intensely personal happenings on my personal blog but here's one thing I couldn't stop myself from sharing .. The arrival of my precious Baby Girl! 

Yes! Can't believe that this chic is a mommy now ;) It still hasn't sunk in my head yet but it's so much real and so very much fun. I can't wait to do so so so many things that I could make an endless list and still find something missing. 

Sure the initial days weren't easy. Probably one of the toughest phases of my life where it was pretty much a test of my faith but things do get better when you're hopeful. The first one and half month was both physically and emotionally exhausting.. With healing from surgery and dealing with spinal headaches and defying the doc's advice of bedrest for getting up to feed and calm a terribly colicky newborn, who would cry around 20 hours a day out of 24.. I was simply lost. No thoughts, no emotions just plain exhaustion and a numb mind. 
But like they say, hope is the greatest thing of all.. The faith in god, to whom I prayed silently and the hope of having a happy motherhood experience along with numerous efforts, things got better and now I have an adorable, naughty and the sweeetest baby girl whom I can't stop cuddling (and she loves it too!), Alhamdulillah. 

So, I wanted the people I shared all my secrets and midnight thoughts with, to know how beautifully blessed my life is now. 

Until now, I never knew a love like this could exist. A love of a mother for her child. We all experience it the other way round for a large chunk of our life and when it's time to do the same, we cant help but feel gratitude for the parents who does all those wonderful things for us. 

About my girl, she's a brat even at such a young age! It's funny how decent and calm she stayed in my belly and how completely opposite she is outside. Born with a healthy weight and a face just like her father, she is the apple of both our families' eyes. Almost three months old now, her coos are the sweetest sound I have ever heard! There's a constant smile stapled to my face and each day is so much fun ! All I do lately is take care of her and then read more of parenting blogs and forums so I can take care of her even better ;) Other matters can take a break!

My girl is my latest obsession and I proudly show if off too. So here's a warning to all those not sailing in the same boat as me, you should expect more of baby related posts now ( if she allows me enough time!). Yes, it'll be annoying for some but might help new mommas around. I'll talk about all sorts of things that I believe should be shared about parenting and baby related things. So watch out and don't forget to pass on this info to the newest moms around. 

Singing off to tend a squirming baby now. 


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Monday, March 2, 2015

Beauty Highlight : Avene Introduces New Dry Touch Emulsion Sun Care

* New formula * Broad-spectrum protection from UVA & UVB rays * Lightweight * Non-greasy * Transparent * Matte finish * Very safe for sensitive skin * Water resistant * Easy to apply * Perfect for Indian weather and skin *

Brazilians and beaches are almost synonymous. But one thing about being out in the sunshine that much, is a concern that the Brazilians are very aware of – that you need proper sun protection, which doesn’t take away from your natural good looks and dewy complexion. 
Just like them, you are sold on why your skin needs sunscreen (prevents sunburn, premature ageing and skin cancers) and that it must ideally come with the highest SPF (SPF50+) to be truly effective. You understand the science of it. You know you need to pick the right product that protects you not only from UVA rays, but also UVB rays. You are aware that the best protection will also be parabens-free, water-resistant and specially formulated for sensitive skins.

 In your quest for the perfect sun block, you’ve probably encountered the most common stumbling blocks – a whitish sheen and/or greasy skin after application. These are a result of using products that have not taken into account the high levels of heat and humidity in many places in our country or the needs of Indian skin.

Now, Avène, an acclaimed brand of the French group Pierre Fabre, which has been globally recognised and recommended by dermatologists for its range of products for sensitive skin, comes to your rescue, inspired by their experience in Brazil… bringing specialised innovation for Indian consumers in the form of a sun care range that still offers a Very High protection for sensitive skin, but also has an Emulsion with the 

all-new Dry Touch texture that’s perfect for oily to combination skin in hot and humid weather conditions! 

The unique Dry Touch Experience
Squeeze the Emulsion from the specially created air-free tube… you’ll feel the difference in the texture as soon as it’s on your skin. The lightweight formula sits easily even when liberally applied (as it should be, for the best and most complete protection) and lets your skin breathe easily too. It’s transparent on application, so you won’t have that unnatural white cast or spots. Moisturising yet non-sticky, it offers a mattifying effect so your skin appears natural and nourished. 

The new formula offers a less greasy feel than other sun protection products: 
The patented seboregulatoractive ingredient Glyceryl Laurate inhibits sebocyte proliferation as well as 5α-reductase, the main trigger factor of hyperseborrhea. It also initiates anti-microbial action on P. acnes and does not exacerbate hyper-production of sebum. In short, it keeps the skin non-greasy and free of acne and blemishes.

Protection before all: what makes Avène Very High protection so special?

Avène Very High Protection suncare range offers a triple protection using mostly mineral and organic filters which are carefully selected to ensure that they don’t irritate the skin.

Staying power. Photostability, which ensures that the sun protection does not present any signs of diminished protection after application to the skin, is one of the most important factors. At its core are four photoprotectors – Tinosorb M (the only micronised organic screen), and chemical filters Tinosorb S, Parsol 1789 and Uvasorb HEB – which are photostable and water resistant. This stable, Octocrylene-free and silicone-free formula, which has been patented by the Pierre Fabre Group, offers maximum efficacy with the minimum of filter concentration. 

Preventing skin damage. The second layer is a powerful and photostable anti-oxidant called Pre-Tocopheryl, which binds the free radicals created by oxidation of the skin and stops them from causing damage to the body’s cells, thus preventing the effects of ageing. It also slows melanin production.

Soothing. The third unique active ingredient is Avène Thermal Spring Water, with all its soothing and anti-irritant properties. In fact, this Avène Thermal Spring Water is the basis for Avène’s entire skincare range, as it has a special composition that makes it very effective at soothing sensitive skin, especially during and after sun exposure.

 The Products: What the SunSitive Protection range offers...

FACE - New Dry Touch Emulsion: for normal to combination skin: 50 ml tube @1250 INR
Cream for dry skin: 50 ml tube @1250 INR  
BODY Easy to spread in spray form: 200ml spray bottle @2050 INR 
LIPS SPF 30 Sunstick: 3g tube @650 INR 

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray: 150 ml spray @1090 INR and 50 ml spray @550 INR (For relief from irritation, redness and inflammation)  

Avène is the European dermo-cosmetic leader in pharmacy in 2014 and has been recommended by dermatologists over the years.Avène is available in India at leading chemist stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Noida and Thane.   

Find the nearest location on our website
Avene India FB Page :-

Avene TWITTER @aveneindia 

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